4: Time for some blues licks!

... But not just any licks! Here we're talking about MASTERING the guitar. What does that mean exactly? It means being able to play ANY SOUND that is in your head. With that goal in mind, try learning this lick in all 5 positions on the guitar, then practice to the tracks provided. This lick is based on 4 of the 5 notes of the pentatonic scale, so if you are able to play this lick in all 5 positions, you will essentially be playing all the positions of the minor pentatonic scale! Not bad for 10 minutes eh? 


If you are new to the Now YOU Shred blog, please please please start at the beginning! It's really important that you get the basics down correctly for all this to make sense! Click here to check out the first chapter.

Here's what the lick sounds like in different positions. Check out the video below. 

Look at the diagram below. In order for you to think about lead guitar correctly, YOU MUST THINK IN INTERVALS. You'll get used to it, trust me. When you think in intervals, you can use the root as a point of reference to play a lick. So the lick I'll play in the video goes: b7 R p4 then bend from b3 to maj3, then pull off / hammer R b7 R. Does that sound crazy? Maybe a little, but it works. Check out the video below. I'll play this lick in 5 positions, notice the shape is pretty much the same in each position, except when the B string is involved. Then you have to make a slight adjustment because of the way the guitar is tuned (all 4ths except for a major 3rd between the G and B strings). 

To memorize these, just break up the lick into 5 positions and memorize the notes. Remember to focus on how the notes SOUND. Also, notice you are incorporating one of those "blues thirds" from the previous lesson. You should soon be able to identify that sound just by hearing it!

Now play the lick from the G string root. Notice in the position you have to shift over to play the lick correctly on the B string. Again, that's because of the major 3rd tuning between the G and B strings.

The next lick is rooted on the low E string.

Now the D string root (you can also play this using open strings if you want).

Finally, try the B string root. 

Got it down? Now jam to the track below, practice playing the lick (and as many variations as you can think of) from every root! Shred on!