2: Memorize the Root note shapes!

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So you got all those root note shapes down in E right? If not, go to the first lesson and learn them.

Now, play all the roots in F (below). Notice the shapes are exactly the same as they were in E, just moved over a fret (and you are no longer using open strings). If you are not seeing the similarity, then YOU DIDN'T LEARN THE E SHAPES WELL ENOUGH. Trust me on this, you are building a foundation for everything else, you have to OWN this. 

Practice you F roots to the jam track below:

Now try it with D...

Now do the same thing in C!

Practice to the track below!

And now A:

Now G...

And what about all those "in between" notes? AKA the sharps and flats? A sharp (#) is just moved over one fret. In this case, F moved over becomes F#: 

And a flat (b) is just moved over one fret the other way, in this case, we moved G over to Gb. But wait! Gb is the SAME thing as F#!  Don't freak out, it just depends on the context of the note. You'll get it soon enough. The idea now is to learn these fundamental shapes!